Grand Priory Appontment and Promotions

Congratulations to the following E.Kts

Reappointment - Active

Great Prelate      Malcolm Lane
Deputy Great Marshal   Harry John Randell
Great Organist   Naunton C. Liles



Great Vice Chancellor   Ryan A. Williams
Past Great Registrar   Colin C. Fielder
Past Great Std.B. (B)     David F. Court
Past Great Std.B. (VB)   Robert H. Fountain


First Appointments

Great Capt. of Guards - Active   Philip J.E. Harries
Past Great Aide-de-Camp   John Everett
Past Great Aide-de-Camp   Ian W. Sewell
Past Great Warden of Regalia   Clinton A. Cook
Past Deputy Great Sword Bearer   Alun H. Thomas
Past Great Herald   Stephen D. Hookey