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A Knight to Remember

The Rulers of no less than seven Masonic Orders from the south and west of Wales attended a remarkable ceremony at Aberaeron in October when E Comp David Smith was admitted in to the Order of the Temple.

At the invitation of E Kt David Elsley, the Eminent Preceptor of Menevia Preceptory, and in the presence of the Craft Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent of the Royal Arch for West Wales, E Kt James Ross, this Knight Templar ceremony was conducted by the following distinguished team of Rulers:

Rt E Kt Dr Paul Calderwood, Provincial Prior of the Knights Templar,
E Kt David Court, the Provincial Sub Prior
E Kt Gwilym Jones (District Grand Master of the Order of Royal & Select Masters)
E Kt Ronald Slater (District Grand Prefect for the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees)
Kt Keith Ferguson (Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for South Wales in the Order of the Secret Monitor and Provincial Grand Summus for South Wales in the Order of the Scarlet Cord)
They were assisted by the Provincial Marshal, E Kt Carl Davies, who is also the Substitute Provincial Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland.

Good wishes were also received from three more Rulers who had originally intended to take part in the ceremony too (but were prevented by subsequent events). They were RE Kt Graham Gubb, the Intendent General of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, E Kt John Everett, Inspector General of the Rose Croix, and E Kt Michael Hopkins, the Grand Superintendent for the Order of Knight Templar Priests. The team of Rulers which conducted the ceremony was assisted by a number of other visiting Knights, including E Kt Ian Mosely and E Kt Chris Mugford, who acted as Constables, Kt Paul Evans and Kt Nick Sawyer, who acted as Heralds, Kt Lynn Jones and Kt Gary Lilywhite, as Standard Bearers and E Kt Jim Thompson, who acted as Guard. The Candidate was made a Knight Templar in a ceremony of a particularly high standard which culminated with the Eminent Preceptor conferring the accolade upon him. This remarkable show of strength by members of the Order had been organised to boost the profile of Menevia - the most westerly Knight Templar Preceptory in Britain - and it had a good result because the occasion attracted a much larger attendance of members than is normal for a domestic meeting. This meeting also witnessed the Joining of three new Members, namely E Kts David Court, Vaughan Watkin and Jim Thompson. As a result, the Preceptory emerged stronger and more popular than ever and is looking forward to a bright future.