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Affirming the Faith

Every Freemason, at his admission into Freemasonry, is asked to affirm his belief in God and every candidate for admission into the Knights Templar is asked to confirm his belief in the Trinitarian Christian Faith.

When - as a direct result of becoming a Knight Templar – someone goes on to make a personal choice to become baptised and confirmed is something much more unusual. One such remarkable occasion occurred quite recently - and in south Wales - to the delight of everyone who was involved.

When Companion Chris David Thomas of Frederick Phillips Royal Arch Chapter No 4074 became a Knight Templar, he was asked in the normal way if he believed in the Trinitarian Christian Faith and having assented, he was admitted and became an enthusiastic member of the Order in the Province of Monmouth and South Wales at Sir William Marshall Preceptory in November 2018.

Subsequently, of his own volition, he decided that he would like, in addition, to become a baptised member of the Church in Wales.

He therefore approached the Great Prelate of the Knights Templar, R E Kt Revd Malcolm Lane to see if this was possible and how it could be accomplished – and (after a course of Christian instruction) he was baptised as a member of the Church in Wales at St Teilo’s Church, Llantilio Pertholey in July 2019.

He then asked if he could be confirmed in that church also - and this celebratory event took place (after further regular preparation) in October - along with several other candidates - at the hands of the Archbishop of Wales, The Most Reverend John Davies.

Among those present to support him and to congratulate him at the ceremony were the Great Prelate, R E Kt Revd Malcolm Lane, and the Provincial Prior of the Knights Templar, RE Kt Dr Paul Calderwood, and his wife Mrs Jean Calderwood.

It was a most memorable occasion accompanied by a peal of bells at this beautiful ancient mediaeval church and to the accompaniment of a large choir and Chris proudly wore his Knight Templar tie and badge for the event.

It is yet another of many instances that “knock into a cocked hat” the sometimes expressed mistaken idea that Freemasonry somehow leads people away from religion ….. and it confirms the truth that Freemasonry reinforces and expands the involvement of so many people in their chosen religious faith.